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Can you still assert that mass murder of innocent people took place in Nanking,
with all the data staring you in the face?


Chapter 1  “Nanjing Massacre” never took place.
 1. Mass murder never took place.
 2. Started From Chinese propaganda.
 3. Wanted to judge Japan due to the same crime as the genocide of Nazi.
 4. Why didn't the Japanese Government object?
 5. Forging photos to “prove” the massacre.
Chapter 2  19 Reasons to Deny the Massacre.
 Introduction : Who Were “Massacred”?
 1. Population in Nanking from 1937 - 1938.
 2. The population increases rapidly after the fall of Nanking,because of the evacuee return of refugees.
 3. No one knew about any mass murder.
 4. No one saw a large number of corpses.
 5. International Committee's crime statistics of the Japanese Army.
 6. The Japanese army received a letter of thanks for peace in the refugee district.
 7. Groundless accusation of mass murder of POW's.
 8. Recollection of Nanking Special Agency member Susumu Maruyama.
 9. Falsification of Number of Buried Corpses at the Tokyo Trial.
 10. Dr.Lewis S. C. Smyth's Report on "WAR DAMAGE IN THE NANKING AREA: December,1938 to March,1938"
 11. General He Yingqin's Military Report.
 12. No mention in the records of the Chinese Communist Party.
 13. The Chinese representative appearled at the League of Nations that 20,000 people were slaughtered.
 14. No protests from the United States, Britain, and France on the matter.
 15. The mass media in the United States and Britain wrote little.
 16. The Japanese people first heard of it at the Tokyo Trial.
 17. "Massacre" without a witness.
 18. "Massacre" without a motive.
 19. Nanking, a documentary film during the period of the "massacre".
Chapter 3  Iris Chang's Ignorance in "THE RAPE OF NANKING"
Iris Chang"THE PAPE OF NANKING"  1. 90 Errors in Iris Chang's “THE RAPE OF NANKING
 2. Fake Photos.
 3. "The Japanese Terror in China", Published by the Chinese goverment in July, 1938.
Chapter 4  "THE RAPE OF NANKING": A work of intelligence made by Chinese Propaganda
 1. China's efforts to plot the United States and Europe against Japan.
 2. "The Japanese Terror in China", written by Timperley, adviser to the Republic of China's goverment.
 3. "Battle of Asia" by Edgar Snow.
Chapter 5  A Bird's Eye View of the Battle of Nanking.
 1. From MARCO POLO BRIDGE, to Shanghai, to Nanking.
 2. Battle of Nanking
 3. The Chinese army carried out guerilla activities, in violation of International Law.
 4. The Japanese army executed Chinese soldiers for illegal behavior.
 5. Genuine documentary filem (14.Dec 1937 - Jan 1938) of Nanking does not lie.
 6. Frank Capra's propaganda's film “Battle of China" claims 40,000 were killed in Nanking.
Chapter 6  International Military Tribunal for The Far East (popularly known as Tokyo Trial").
 1.The Tokyo Trial and The Nanking Incident.
 2.The Allies wanted to create the same sort of horrendous crime as Nazi Germany's Auschwitz for Japan.
 3.The number of alleged victims of Nankig would counterbalance the number of atomic bomb victims of
  Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
 4.India's Justice Radhabinod Pal's dissentient judgement at the Tokyo Trial: Not guilty.
Chapter 7  NOTES
 1. Bibliography

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